Smart Building Products (SBP) was created to provide access to intelligent products in order to enhance the capabilities of your control system.

We share our expertise of HVAC controls and building automation with contractors, and BMS engineers and can recommend and supply the products and support you need so buildings can operate in a technology-driven era. The experienced team at Smart Building Products have a passion for the controls industry and constantly scan the external environment in order to identify customer needs, anticipate competitive actions and identify technological changes which will provide new market opportunities or technological advancements including the Internet of Things (IoT).

With over 150 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge, resources, and products to deliver specialised support for all your control needs.

We can provide the expert solutions that allow buildings to operate to their maximum potential.

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Mission Statement:

“We provide and support the controls industry by delivering Smart Building Products that enhance capabilities in an environmentally sensitive and cost-effective way”.

This is what we believe in

We believe in only recommending products that will enhance and make a positive difference to your systems.

Smart Building Products only stock high quality products and technologies that are proven and reliable.

Our company believe in building and maintaining trust with our clients in order to instill confidence.

We trust that our brand reflects the credibility of all that we do and all that we believe in.

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