The Delta Controls O3 Sense and Edge

The O3 Creates a New Touchless World, With Less Risk of Contagion
  • Installed on your ceiling
  • No internet needed, wirelessly connects to your phone
  • Control lighting, fresh air, and temperature

The O3 Sense and Edge can be Configured Out of the Box with Just a Smartphone.

Wireless configuration allows you to set up devices ahead of time then quickly download configurations on site via the app.

With seven different sensors onboard, the O3 utilizes Sensor Fusion to enhance occupancy detection and temperature reading. The O3 reacts fast when you leave the room—turning off lights, reducing heating and ventilation, saving you money.

Sleek, smart, and efficient, the O3 is designed to complement a room, not distract from it. Installed on the ceiling, the O3 provides the best vantage point for better control and better detection, without cluttering your walls.


  • Composite temperature, humidity, PIR motion, sound, and light sensors combined in a single device
  • User feedback via speaker and fullcolour LED ring with customizable audio tones and colors
  • Dual Ethernet connection for daisychaining in large spaces; provides pass-through communication even during power outages
  • Configuration via mobile app
  • BLE API for developing custom apps
O3 Sense

The Delta Controls O3 Sense and Edge Integrates temperature, humidity, motion, sound, and light sensing in a single device, the O3 uses machine learning to provide fast, accurate feedback on the monitored space.

  • Temperature – local and occupant height. IR and air temperature sensors.
  • Humidity – Relative humidity at ceiling and also at occupant height
  • Light intensity, RGB components, and colour temperature all reported
  • Optional EnOcean radio supports connectivity to self-powered wireless sensing solutions for batteryless applications. (Feature available: 2021)
  • Dual ethernet ports – supports BACnet, MQTT, and REST interfaces
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