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Battery-free switches and sensors from EnOcean for energy-efficient, comfortable and safe buildings.

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Self-powered sensors are used for building automation systems. With them, lighting, heating, security and other services can be controlled intelligently and in an energy-saving way. Our maintenance-free and self-powered wireless solutions can be integrated flexibly and seamlessly into systems for a wide range of applications. Once installed, the sensors do their job reliably. Our solutions can be installed quickly and help to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in our buildings.

Depending on requirements, there is a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for building automation, from modules to white-label products and finished end products. We enable low-maintenance sensor networks, flexibly networked for every requirement, every building and every customer demand – with our basic modules for the receiver side, actuators and gateway solutions.

Part 1: Why wireless & batteryless?

Part 2: EnOcean technology

Part 3: Installation of EnOcean Devices

Part 4: Wireless range planning