Now Partnering with TOSIBOX® – The leading global provider of OT networking

Smart Building Products Now Partnering with Tosibox
Smart Building Products Ltd are delighted to announce their partnership with Tosibox®.

Tosibox has automated secure connectivity and made it simple. It is a standardized way of building VPN connections based on a patented connection method. The configuration-free Plug & Go™ implementation easy to carry out even without special IT skills. The unique feature of TOSIBOX® technology is the two-way connectivity that brings the benefits of IP networking plus remote maintenance with one technology.

The partnership promotes secure, remote access solutions. SBP is on a mission to make smart buildings and IoT available and easy to use for OEMs, system integrators, facilities managers and end-users.

Tosibox currently powers and secures thousands of OT networks across the world, with millions of sensors, assets, devices, and machines connected.

Tosibox and SBP, allow users to create their own operational technology (OT) network infrastructure to access, manage and optimize their smart building and smart equipment.


TOSIBOX® is a globally functioning operational technology (OT) networking platform for enterprises and organizations, delivering limitless possibilities to expand and power their businesses opportunities and growth..

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