Enocean 1 Channel Relay Switch

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Enocean 1 Channel Relay Switch

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The EnOcean Multifunction Relay Switch.
Control everything you want, from a single actuator such as: Lights / Heaters / Boiler / Garage Door etc and finally make your home smart.

Compatible with the EnOcean worldwide Smart Home / Smart Building protocol, this EnOcean 1 Channel Relay Switch can be mounted in your ceiling, in your wall or behind your electrical socket and will turn any standard device into a smart device. With its 2300W switching capacity and potential-free output you can make your home smarter without changing any single appliance.

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High switching capacity
With a capacity of 2300W, you can switch ON/OFF almost everything.

Ultra low profile
A concentrate of technology and features in less than 17mm thickness.

Potential-free input
Whatever you put in, the EnOcean Relay Switch will drive it out. Possibilities are limitless from light control to a boiler or to a garage door.

Remote commissioning
Using latest EnOcean specifications, the NodOn Relay Switch can be fully commissioned without any physical intervention from the installer.

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Technical Specifications

  • Power supply: 230V AC ~ 50Hz.
  • Switching capabilities: 230V AC – 10A // 30V DC – 10A.
  • Consumption: <1W.
  • Maximum output power: 2.3kW (Resistive load).
  • Radio frequency range: 868,0 to 868,6 Mhz.
  • RF power max: +3dBm.
  • Range: Up to 30m inside.
  • Operational temperature: 0°C to 40°.
  • Protection rating: IP 2X.
  • Pairing: up to 22 controllers.
  • EEP (EnOcean Profile): D2-01-0F.
  • Dimensions : 40 mm (l) x 44 mm (L) x 16.9 mm (h).



  • EN60669-1:1999+A1:02+A2:08
  • EN60669-2-1:2004+A1:09+A12:10
  • EN300220-2 V3.1.1
  • EN301489-01 V2.1.1
  • EN301489-03 V2.1.1
  • EN62479:2010


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Enocean 1 Channel Relay Switch Datasheet / 223kb

Enocean 1 Channel Relay Switch User Guide / 247kb

With the EnOcean Multi-functional 1 Channel Relay Switch, you can….


Turn my lights into remotely controllable lighting system.


Switch ON / OFF my appliances remotely directly from the wall.


Control my boiler and centralised heating system thanks to its potential-free input.

Garage Door

Control my home access, such as the garage door thanks to its potential-free input.