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Wireless relay actuator FR62-230V 10 A/250 V AC. 1 NO contact or NC contact, potential free. Standby loss only 0.4 watt.

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Technical Specifications

  • Supply voltage, switching voltage and control voltage - 230 V.
  • If supply voltage fails, the device is switched off in defined mode. When the supply voltage is restored, the device is switched off in a defined process. After installation, wait until the automatic synchronisation takes place before the device is connected to the network.
  • In addition to the wireless control input via an internal antenna, this wireless actuator can also be controlled locally by a conventional 230 V control switch.
  • Glow lamp current is not permitted.
  • During teach-in, the function of the contact position is defined as NO or NC. Contact is closed with at least one open window; it can then activate extraction hoods etc. or generate an alarm.
  • Opens the contact when at least one window is open: it can then switch off heaters or air conditioners.
  • Several wireless window contacts are linked together. The function is determined by the last wireless window contact which is taught in


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