LoRaWAN Passage Counter White

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LoRaWAN Passage Counter White

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Get insights about how a building is utilized by keeping track of people flow and occupancy using the People Counter with the LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol.

Long Range communication on private and public LoRaWAN networks.

The LoRaWAN People Counter works with horizontal infrared technology.

No camera or personal data is used, meaning you will not have issues regarding the European GDPR.

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Power supply : 2x 1.5V Alkaline batteries

IoT Communication : Class A LoRaWAN

IR Count Line : 8 meter max.

Battery life : approximately 1 year

Dimensions : 116x69x22mm

Color / Material : white / ABS

Configuration : NFC (Android App)


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DATASHEET Passge Counter Datasheet / 766kb