Micropelt MLR003 LoRaWAN Actuator


Micropelt MLR003 LoRaWAN Actuator

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Micropelt MLR003 LoRaWAN Actuator

Micropelt’s maintenance free, intelligent thermostatic radiator valve actuator MLR003. MLR003 is used for single room control of heating radiators with standard valve connection M30x1.5.

MLR003 is an 868.3MHz LoRaWAN CLASS-A wireless actuator. LoRaWAN end-devices of Class A allow for bidirectional communications whereby each end-device’s uplink transmission is followed by two short downlink receive windows.

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Micropelt MLR003 LoRaWAN Actuator

The actuator generates the required electrical energy for operation (motor, sensors, and radio communication) by means of a built-in thermoelectric generator (TEG) and therefore operates maintenance-free. It harvests energy from the temperature difference between the radiator heat and ambient temperature (usually room temperature). An additional energy source such as a primary battery or external power supply is not required.


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