Nexelec LoRaWAN Sense Air Quality Sensor


Nexelec LoRaWAN Sense Air Quality Sensor

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Ventilate when necessary

The Nexelec LoRaWAN Sense Air Quality Sensor continuously analyzes the level of CO2 and visually alerts occupants when it is time to ventilate to renew the indoor air.

> Particulate Matter (PM1, PM 2.5, PM10)
> Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
> Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
> Atmospheric Pressure
> Temperature
> Humidity
> Light
> Motion
> Noise

Thanks to its wireless IoT communication module, ambient data can be accessed remotely, simply from a smartphone or a computer screen

Correct ventilation of collective spaces helps to significantly improve the quality of indoor air, in particular during a pandemic.

Sense incorporates iZiAiR , an algorithm that constantly analyzes the air you breathe and indicates to you via an indicator light associated with a color code if it is necessary to ventilate the room you are in.

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Nexelec LoRaWAN Sense Air Quality Sensor

Your workspace under control
With its multi-parameter measurement sensors, Sense is specifically designed to analyze the work environment of your teams.​

Sense integrates the iZiFeeL comfort algorithm to more easily study each interior space and quickly identify possible improvements.

Reliability of CO2 measurements
Sense is equipped with a latest generation "NDIR" type CO2 sensor. The accuracy of the CO2 detector measurements have been validated by an independent laboratory.

No maintenance required and no risk of measurement drift over time.

Sense integrates an automatic and weekly recalibration function of its CO2 sensor.

Manual calibration of the CO2 sensor is also possible.

Easily install your sensors
Sense can be installed on the wall thanks to its anti-theft mounting base or freestanding on a table, so it can be easily moved from one space to another.​

Sense operates on AC power via USB-C power for simple and easy integration into all your work environments.


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DATASHEET Sense Datasheet / 620kb