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We believe that success is simply a matter of connections. Every remote access connection, even if it is just between one user and a connected device, is the foundation for an operational network.

TOSIBOX® is the world’s first purpose-designed connectivity solution for creating and managing global operational networks. It is developed with simplicity as a design principle, and we have automated the creation of secure remote access.

An operational network is a network of devices, systems and users requiring remote access, data collection and network management. Today companies in more than 150 countries are building their OT networks with TOSIBOX®.

TOSIBOX® solution creates a direct point-to-point VPN tunnel between you and your deviceThe solution consists of modular components that offer unlimited expandability and flexibility. All components are compatible with each other as well as internet connection, operator, and device agnostic. The solution works both in internal and external networks, and you can connect both modern IoT devices and legacy systems. 


As technologies develop, customer needs evolve, too. No matter which ladder you find yourself at on your digital journey, Tosibox has your back every step of the way.

  1. Remote access Companies need to connect their sites and devices with servers and users to be able to remotely maintenance them. This remote maintenance decreases the need to travel, saves time and money and ensures better service to customers.
  2. Data acquisition Devices such as elevators, factory equipment and workspaces are all being connected to the internet to transmit data from their background processes. Real-time data collection and data logging help companies extract the data for analysis. Learn more about data collection >
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) Industrial firms and manufacturers, for example, can use the data to track inventory changes in real time or monitor the health of equipment in the field. Continuous monitoring of energy consumption, for instance, enables finetuning of building automation systems and generates cost savings. By analyzing the collected data, companies can better optimize processes. To do this efficiently, a feedback to devices is needed. Learn more about IoT >
  4. Operational (OT) networks  As the application ecosystem becomes complex with various user groups, the OT model simplifies the secure management of large-scale networks. Learn more about operational networks >
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